Landscape Questionnaire

How did you hear about us?

How do you intend to use your yard?
 a)  play area for children?
 b)  play area for pets?
 c)  personal retreat/garden space?
 d)  entertaining company?
 e)  other _______________________________________________________

Any views you wish to block or screen?

Any specific plants to wish to see in your landscape?

Any plants you wish to avoid?

Any colors you wish to see?
Any colors you wish to avoid?

What direction does your house face?

Any high-wind situation that you have or wish to block?

Do you plan on changing any existing hardscape?
 (walkways, paths, patio, walls, etc)

10.  Do you wish to include new hardscapes?
 (walkways, paths, patio, walls, etc)

11.  Are you interested in attracting wildlife? (birds, butterflies, etc)

12.  What kind of soil do you have?
 a) clay    b) sand    c) loamy    d) mixed    e) don’t  know

13.  How much time do you intend on spending in your garden doing maintenance?

14.  What seasons would you like your landscape to look the best?

15.  Do you have any pets?

16.  Do you have an area that you wish to emphasize?

17.  Can we get a copy of your mortgage survey?

18.  How much do you plan to spend?  (circle one)
 a)  $1,000—$3,000
 b)  $3,000—$5,000
 c)  $5,000—$10,000
 d)  $10,000—$20,000
 e)  other _______________________________

19.  Do you have any other questions that were not covered in this questionnaire?