"We had to have a tree removed and had the stump ground out; and we want
to plant a new one in the same spot. Can we do this?"

The short answer is "not easily or safely."  If the tree was completely removed, or wasn't in
the ground that many years and the entire root ball was removed, then YES, you can
replace the tree in the same spot.

If you had the stump ground down, there are still roots in the ground, that are slowly
decomposing.  When any wood decomposes, it gives off methane gas.  If a new tree is
planted over the top of the decomposing roots, the new roots may be exposed to the
methane gas; which can be toxic to the roots.

If you have a small yard, and there is no other place to plant, you can make conditions for
your new tree better by removing ALL stump grindings, adding at least 6" of new soil to
the existing grade, then planting your new tree.

If possible, plant your new tree at least 10ft away from the stump area of your old tree.
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