Our Services

At Lodi Farms, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive landscaping services delivered exclusively by our in-house team, Canopy Landscapes. As a cohesive entity under shared ownership, both Lodi Farms and Canopy operate seamlessly from our Wagner Rd. location, ensuring a unified approach to every project.


Landscape Consultation

Planning a landscape project involves considering various factors before diving in. At Lodi Farms, we're here to support you every step of the way. Schedule a landscape consultation with us, and our expert designer will visit your property to offer personalized suggestions for plant materials and layouts. Whether you're looking to enhance existing landscapes or create new ones, we've got you covered.

Tree Planting

We recognize the significance of trees as long-term investments. Over the past two decades, Lodi Farms has dedicated itself to cultivating, transplanting, and reintegrating trees into your landscape. Once you've chosen and acquired a tree from our nursery, our skilled crews to will carefully journey to your environment, ensuring a prosperous future from the outset.


Lodi Farms offers comprehensive landscaping services tailored to fulfill your project's requirements. Our adept installation teams are equipped to manage projects of any scale, from creating new garden beds to redesigning existing ones, as well as handling tasks such as mulching, sod installation, drainage, and irrigation.